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am i the first one to do this
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You ever listened to vaporwave? While some say that it’s a mere extension of other joke aesthetics like soft grunge or norm core, it actually has a pretty subversive message and has an almost biter sense of humor. Macintosh Plus’s hit song, リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー, a song so catchy that most people probably don’t even think about what it’s message is. But it really gets at the heart of what I think the whole genre’s trying to say. It juxtaposes 1980s earnestness with the distorted version of that earnestness we experience today, and manages to both create a sense of distaste with the modern Digital while being a pretty great tune. Because it’s not just an earnest love song, it’s an expression of the disenfranchisement that the modern internet user feels vis a vis the Digital! Hey Paul!
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 The latest trend in fashion is Shibe-Doge, by Revlon
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Been meaning to do this for a while.

It’s perfect! Joe is gonna scream when he sees this. ;)
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feelin much better after drawing this pyro that i might use as a spry
porque ya casi es dia de los muertos :’)


i don’t want to go to sleep i want to be famous

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